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Pala – Nutmeg Tales of Banda

Pala – Indonesian for nutmeg.

Synonym for Banda. Seven volcanic islands in the Moluccas. For long the only place on earth where the Myristica fragrans, the nutmeg tree, grew. Its fruits brought prosperity, but also led to the downfall of an entire society. In 1621, Jan Pietersz Coen carried out what had been advocated for some time within the VOC: The extermination of the Bandanese people. In order to establish a monopoly on nutmeg and mace, thousands of Bandanese were murdered, starved to death or taken into slavery. Only a small number of people were able to escape from genocide.

Pala – Shines a light on Banda.

A virtual voyage of discovery in six main themes around the Gunung Api, the fire mountain. Multicolored like the nutmeg itself. As rich as the nature, culture and history of the islands.

Pala – Echo of a mass murder

Let many voices be heard, especially from Banda itself. Stories that have not been heard so far.
Now in Dutch, English, and this fall also in Bahasa Indonesia.

Pala – Initiative of the Westfries Museum.

A project that keeps growing, dynamic, with new contributions and insights being added all the time. Produced with the help of many experts in the realm of the culture and history of Banda, Indonesia and the Netherlands.
For which we are very grateful.

Pala – An indispensable source of information. For those who want to learn more about Banda and want to form an opinion about the Dutch colonial past.
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